Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let's Get Cooking

Welcome!  You have discovered my first food blog..."Look What Caz Made!"

Who am I you ask? Am I a chef you ask? Nope. Now my father on the other hand, Eugene Cazenave, was a world class chef. Partnered with my mother who had the best homemade comfort food for her family 3 times a day 365 days a year until Chef Dad retired. I have three GREAT kids and I am a Grandpa to 5! My sister Bonita Malone is one of the loveliest, most creative people I know. As you can see, I define myself by the wonderful family that I was blessed with.

I am not a chef. I do not own a restaurant. I do not cater professionally. What I am is a man who loves to cook and share it with those close to me. Now, I am branching out to the web. I can't keep all this goodness hidden for ever you know?!?

You will find recipes coupled with photos and videos of food that I've found and fell in love with. (That is what cooking is all about after all) Sometimes my choices will be based on suggestions, sometimes based on items I've found on the net. If you have a favorite recipe, food, or technique please share it here and take a picture if you can! This blog isn't all about what I make. Its about what you think along with what you create. A foodie community if you will!

I AM looking for contributors to show what YOU made.

Not every post will have a recipe, perhaps just some advice.  Welcome to my blog and lets get cooking!

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