Monday, April 9, 2012

Rainy Day Grilled Chicken

A couple of weeks ago I had a craving for BBQ (grilled) Chicken. I walked out to my patio and saw raindrops dancing on the lid of my Weber Charcaol Grill. <<sad face>>

Okay so really there is no such thing as barbecued chicken , only grilled or lightly smoked. So grilled was still an option, besides a rainy day is just as good of an excuse for a cold Corona and as hot day. I just needed an indoor grill.  I gave away my cast iron, grill which fit over two burners because it was to hard to clean. I got a lighter non-stick model, but it warped. Trash.

Soooo....  I found my Calphalon Panini Pan. This cost me $55.00 and I've really loved it.

So here is how I did this.

I took the chicken, in my case legs (large) and over Medium High heat set the legs in. You don't need to press them, just let them lay. Turn them every 5-6 minutes. Legs will turn 4 times. If you are doing breast or thighs turn the heat lower and turn after 10 minutes. The math comes to 20 minutes. The internal temp should come to a little over 100 degrees.

Sauce the chicken well, we are trying to caramelize the sugars in the sauce, then place under your broiler.

First, you are only going to turn the chicken once, keep that in mind. If you are using the broiler at the top of your oven as I did. place the pan 6-8 inches from the heat. If you are using the broiler at the bottom of your stove, then completely remove the dip pan so that the Panini Pan can sit on the bottom. DO NOT CLOSE THE DOOR. Everyone makes that mistake. Don't.

After about 3-5 minutes turn the chicken. After another 3-5 minutes the internal temp should be 170-180. Remove the pan from the heat and walk away for 10 minutes. Done.

*Broiling tip: Whatever you are broiling do not wait until you see  a golden brown color because when you remove it from the heat source you will find that its already burnt.

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