Monday, April 23, 2012

Potato Soup

Comfort Food: Potato Soup

by Chistina Burgess

Sometimes there are foods that we quite literally grow up on. Meals, that on any given occasion, we expect. Some people just know that Thanksgiving will bring their Aunt Cindy’s perfect apple pie. Others know that on Wednesday Dad will make spaghetti – your favorite meal in the world. These are comfort foods. This short blog is about one of mine.

Family knows what you like. For instance, I like eggs but my family would never serve me eggs with those weird white streaks inside. Yuck. Don’t bother offering me seafood either... it’s just gross.

My mom did make one thing that I truly miss after she passed. I loved her Potato Soup. I was 26 when I first tried to make it for myself. It wasn’t right. No worries though, there are only so many ingredients and only a few variations, right? Right?!? *sigh*

Maybe changing the milk? No. Maybe cream? Nope. Maybe celery? Not.

Ok, so I tried many variations over the years and I still could not get that same deliciousness in a bowl. I tried and I failed over and over and over. Don’t misunderstand, they were good but not nearly what I remembered when engrossing myself in my mothers warm bowl of love. Some of the flavors just were not the same. Maybe it was just my mom’s love mixed into pot….(Silly Christina)

One day I was asked to taste yet another Potato Soup. And *POOF* there is it was. THIS WAS IT! After all this time my mom’s recipe was FINALLY right there in front of me. After all this time, it was brought to my attention that I really was missing a very key ingredient. One simple element that I would have never thought of, and never would have considered was missing... CLAMS!!!   :{ 

She had been feeding me Clam Chowder my whole trusting, comfort food eating childhood and called it Potato Soup! No wonder I couldn't get it right! least it was made with love, just as all food should be made.  Thanks Mom. 


  1. I love this story! When I was little, my dad used to do the same thing to us kids with rocky mountain oysters, telling us they were chicken nuggets. :P